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Voice Technology (VT) Training

 with Chris Milbank

Become a TFT-VT Practitioner and Embrace the Revolutionary Healing Power of Voice Technology to Bring Your Therapy to ANYONE IN THE WORLD.

This year, you have the opportunity to bring the most advanced level of Thought Field Therapy into your practice with hands-on instruction highly respected Voice Technology (VT) educator Chris Milbank.

Experience four days of transformational healing, education, and instruction in VT so you can…


  • Diagnose Meridian Points
  • Identify Psychological Issues
  • Address Intolerances
  • And Use the Healing Power of VT

Anyone with EFT or TFT experience, at any level of practice (including individuals) is invited to attend instructor Milbank’s transformative VT instruction sessions.

Unlock a Health Revolution.

Voice Technology Effectively Addresses:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Arthritis and Inflammation
  • Fever
  • Food Intolerances
  • Drug Intolerances
  • Psychological Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Emotional Issues
  • And Much, Much More!

You No Longer Need to See Your Clients in Person to Bring Incredible Healing Change Into their Lives!

Ideal for Coaches

Help your clients eliminate their limiting beliefs and discover 100% of their true potential through TFT-VT.

Designed for Therapists

Learn to naturally heal by releasing the psychological issues and unnatural intolerances blocking meridian points.

Perfect for Trainers

Give clients the support they need to make a positive change in their lives—even remotely—during phone or skype sessions.

Anyone with TFT or EFT Experience (At Any Level) Is Invited to Attend and Discover Voice Technology’s Healing Power!

Voice Technology is the most advanced level of TFT (Thought Field Therapy and/or other tapping techniques ie. EFT), allowing you to rapidly treat trauma, anxiety, fear, phobias, emotional issues, and many health-related ailments.

Mastering VT allows you to diagnose meridian points known also as Acupressure points in the body that are stressed and need treatment. Psychological issues and food intolerances can affect the electrical system running through these points. The lower the voltage, the more resistance there is. Low voltage and high resistance is a diseased state.

Through management of resistance in meridian points, you’ll be able to immediately relieve the pressure of life’s greatest challenges.

In mere minutes, you’ll be able to notice a difference in the attitudes, psychological state, health, and lives of your clients.

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During your VT Training, Instructor Milbank will…

  • Teach you how to use a self muscle test to diagnose acupressure points that are stressed in the body and more importantly which order to treat them in.
  • Teach you how to diagnose psychological reversal which is an energy state that is reversed in the body causing blockage and disease and preventing treatments from working.
  • Enable you to diagnose neurological disturbances affecting the acupressure points and how to treat them.
  • Diagnosing of energy toxins that create imbalances in the energy field, preventing TFT/EFT and other treatments from working. The energy toxins also trigger health, emotional and psychological symptoms.
  • The weekend will not only teach you how to diagnose these energy toxins so they can be avoided but it will also teach you how to temporarily boost the body against the energy toxins to further improve symptoms.

About Instructor Chris Milbank

Chris has been teaching VT for many years and will teach it as it was taught to him by Dr Roger Callahan, but he will also show you new discoveries he has made in Remote treatments ie. using a photo, hair or nail clipping sample, and also the power of treating in opposites from his Reflective Repatterning discoveries.

Just imagine how your life, your health, your well-being and your TFT practice can change once you complete this course.

You'll instantly be able to sort out most of lifes challenges, often in minutes—whether in person or over the telephone.

You will see the benefits in those you help, hear compliments from professional colleagues and know what it feels like to be among the world's most effective healers.

The developer and trainer of this therapy course is Chris Milbank. Highly respected the world over, Chris possesses a wealth of experience as both a trainer and a practitioner and is the creator of Reflective Repatterning.

His desire to help others led him to seek the best training that he could find. Having studied under the best leaders and innovators, Chris has studied some of the most advanced techniques in the field of human change.

For years now, Chris has been on the cutting edge. In light of his many experiences and studies, he believes wholeheartedly that his modalities can achieve what no other therapy can. He devotes much of his time to learning and developing his skills as well as exploring and developing new practices and techniques. Chris also has had a wealth of other experiences - he has traveled the world, owned Therapy Colleges, and taken part in charity missions.

Chris Milbank speaking picA truly down to earth person, Chris brings his skill and knowledge, as well as his sense of humour and genuine care for the well-being of people, to this course.

The evening will be an exploration into a new type of therapy with far-reaching consequences for you and your clients.

"The workshop was a lot of fun and some fairly big issues have definitely started to shift. Chris presented with humour and was extremely knowledgeable... Well organised by Jemma, many thanks!" Shirley Climpson

 What Other People Have Said About Training with Chris

Your approach and style are unique, innovative and highly effective. Your ability to calibrate and develop your class individually and collectively produces a mutually supportive learning environment and as a result your students are rapidly empowered and learn and develop at their optimum rate. The catalysts are your humour, natural affection for your fellow humans, and your absolute congruity. You walk the walk.Mark Chambers

Very practical enjoyable course. Chris is an enthusiastic presenter who shares his experience and knowledge in an easy to understand and applicable wayHenrietta Lait

Really enjoyed the course. Lots of fun – good simple explanations. Very generous with his time and energy. Thought provoking. I am not a therapist or Councillor but really enjoyed the weekend. Would consider attending others in the future
Mary Donnelly

It is clear to see that Chris's own success and well being comes from his own journey of learning, working on himself and over coming his own difficulties. For this reason I am inspired by, trust and respect him.

I have no hesitation in recommending the work and trainings of Chris Milbank, meeting and learning from him has been a great gift in my life.Lisa Young

I've had sessions from Chris and have found them to be amazing. After a week or so some unexpected events take place which just surprise you. I've done a lot of work on myself, family members and clients - the results are great! I recommend everyone who's interested even the slightest bit to go for it. Chris is great at what he doesRavi Verdi

Chris presentation was excellent and motivating. He demonstrates a wide knowledge and dedication to improving peoples livesRoy Gough

Voice Technology

9-12th November 2017

10am - 5.30pm approx. Tea and Coffee from 9.30am


London - TBC

VT - Full Price after July 1 2017
£997 + vat
VT - Early Bird (before July 1 2017)
£797 + vat
VT - Buy Two places for just £1497 + VAT
Voice Technology

9-12th November 2017

10am - 5.30pm approx. Tea and Coffee from 9.30am


London - TBC

VT - Full Price after July 1 2017
£997 + vat
VT - Early Bird (before July 1 2017)
£797 + vat
VT - Buy Two places for just £1497 + VAT