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Hi Chi Health 

Are you interested in advanced healing techniques that are playful, easy to learn and achieve incredible results? 

Karina Grant's Hi Chi programmes teach participants how to first heal themselves in Self Healing Mastery.

Karina Grant is creator of Hi Chi and an energy healing practitioner, international instructor and mindfulness teacher. 


“Karina your energy is so high and I love being part of this. I literally buzz when I listen to your meditations!” I feel GREAT I mean GREAT – there is no pain in my knee. It’s almost scary. I can’t wait to come on your workshop!! Thanks doesn’t cut it but thanks a million might be a start..."

What is Hi Chi?

The Hi Chi Integrated Health Institute was founded by Karina Grant after more than a decade of working as a highly results driven energy healing practitioner, international instructor and mindfulness teacher.

The Hi Chi programmes are the culmination of all her own insights and techniques in healing. Karina has created online training programmes with a clear purpose.

The Hi Chi Mission: Hi Chi teaches cutting edge and advanced healing techniques in ways which are incredibly playful and easy to learn – that achieve incredible results.

The Hi Chi Integrated Health Institute proudly presents to you the ultimate online healing training programmes. Our Hi Chi programmes teach participants how to first heal themselves in Self Healing Mastery and then progress onto The Hi Chi Ultimate Health Coach Programme .

A life with Hi Chi means having the highest level of life force energy flowing through and around you. Welcome to a life of Hi Chi!


Self Healing Mastery

Are you passionate about your health and vitality?

The Hi Chi Integrated Health Institute inspires you to energise your life and achieve your highest level of health

  • learn online from the comfort of your own home at your own pace
  • repeat and refresh as many times as you like – this training is yours for life
  • would you like to be able to give incredibly powerful physical healing to yourself?
  • learn how to combine Hi Chi Mindfulness and cutting edge Hi Chi energy healing to create a powerful high energy for physical healing.
  • learn highly specific Hi Chi techniques to start helping yourself get out of pain straight away
  • cultivate a daily Hi Chi Mindfulness practice that will energise your life and health
  • create a strong core energetic foundation
  • feel amazing in your body with the Hi Chi Integrated approach to Mindfulness and energy 
  • learn powerful, proven and natural techniques to feel amazing in your body
  • shift out of physical pain with pleasurable healing meditations
  • connect with your Highest Chi and ignite your passion for life
  • The ability to help yourself shift physical pain, still your mind and create a strong energetic core flow in your life
  • All modules 1 – 6 recorded with your live links in your inbox each week
  • A private social media group to share your healing experiences and connect into the Hi 
Chi Collective
  • An online certification of completion which allows you to graduate and continue onto the 
Hi Chi Health Coaching Programme
  • Access to the amazing Hi Chi Facebook Community
  • We give you the Hi Chi 100% satisfaction guarantee

"Karina’s ability to sense where in my back there was a physical pain was spot on, and I felt within just a matter of minutes a real heat and then release from the area. I haven’t been able to walk pain free like that in a long time so it was a truly welcomed surprise!" 



"I did the Module 2 - Hi Chi Chillout Zen Den this morning on the beach! Such an amazing experience! It is quite a cloudy day, but somehow, the sun started peeking through the clouds shining directly on me! Hi Chi has helped me so much. At this stage of my life and in particular with my business, I needed to learn how to relax and allow the universe to bring work to me, without me chasing! The mindfullness module and in particular the meditation have shown me how to do this. I am preferring to concentrate on joy and contentment, as opposed to chasing work! The work now comes to me, during this period I have taken on more work than ever in such a short period. I always used to wonder how other people can attract work to them, whist they seem to expand very little effort. Now I can see how to do this! Relax and allow, in full knowledge, acceptance and expectation that the universe and LOA will bring to you. Thank you Karine Grant Levy ! Hi Chi Integrated Health Institute is an amazing course, and I am proud and excited to be part of this! Look forward to meeting everyone online tonight to start module three !"

The Hi Chi Ethos

When you join the Hi Chi Integrated Health Institute, you will get immediate access to an incredible online training programme teaching you world-class healing skills. The beauty of this programme is that it has such a high impact and is so easy to learn. Children are as close to source energy as it gets. The younger they are the more access they have to their imagination, right brain and creative selves. To experience phenomenal healing results we require the ability to be as playful and childlike as possible. Learning through play is how children learn and we all know that a child is able to learn a new language much more quickly than an adult. This is why the Hi Chi Integrated Health Institute have made Hi Chi so easy to learn by taking you right back to learning... how to heal with energy in a playful way.

About  Karina


Karina is the official UK Quantum Touch mentor for both existing and new practitioners and instructors, coaching people through all aspects of the process. She is also the official UK Quantum Touch liaison.

As part of her passion and commitment to being the very best trainer she can be, Karina is also a Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner (Domancic method), Reiki Practitioner and is well versed in several other energy healing techniques. She is a member of The British Holistic Medical Association.

Karina has had the utmost privilege of personal and extensive training with two of the world’s leading teachers in conscious awareness and meditation, resulting in several experiences of awakening. She perceives energy using three of her senses which is incredibly useful when working with others.

Karina works with people from all walks of life and from all belief systems, and her workshops are frequently attended by traditional and complimentary health care professionals, as well as a range of people interested in learning these skills to help themselves or others.

She spends her time teaching workshops both in the UK and abroad, and facilitating energy healing for others both at The CityPoint Club in Moorgate (EC2) and in her North London (NW2) practice.

It is Karina’s utmost belief that anything is possible, and that even the most severe of conditions can be overcome and at the very least managed well. Energy healing is in her opinion the fastest and most powerful way to facilitate recovery and wellness.



"Karina Grant is my angel!!!

God sent help, real help! A kind and loving soul named Karina and her Hi Chi methods.

I have known Karina for about two years now and have had many Hi Chi healing sessions with her. She has done what any other doctor couldn’t do for me. I am certain that if not for Hi Chi, I would still be struggling with my physical and emotional discomforts.

The beauty of her work is her ability to pinpoint the origin of what keeps the dysfunction in place. Her intuition guides her to the exact treatment that needs to occur for healing – whether it’s on a spiritual, emotional or physical level.

Karina is an extraordinary individual sharing not only her miraculous talent for healing and deep compassion within her sessions but also true equanimity, authentic presence and desire to help others, combined with her sense of humor and joyful warmth to the healing process.

I am so thankful that my path led me to Karina and Hi Chi. No words can really explain the transformation that I have experienced. I have endless gratitude and appreciation for Karina and what Hi Chi did for me. I truly cannot say it enough. I highly recommend Hi Chi to all seeking healing and wholeness in their lives. Just remember: ‘ miracles do happen!’

Thank you so much, Love,  Zina B

"I have received healing from Karina for a large part of my adult life, I am so grateful for being guided towards this wonderful soul.

Karina has a gentle mastery about her that makes the healing process simple, easily releasing energy blockages and guiding the client on to the next phase of healing with ease and grace. Silently pointing the way using Law Of Attraction as her guide and Hi Chi as her tool, continuously imparting knowledge, allowing the information to sink into your consciousness in your own time frame. Crucially, empowering the client to heal himself (which I believe other healers don’t acknowledge or fail to amplify). Nothing is forced, the energy is allowed to flow freely!

Karina helped me to have a complete and full recovery from a broken arm within an amazingly short time frame, which seemed to have shocked the conventional doctors that I was going to see for a check up. I had a full recovery within five weeks and to this day I have trouble remembering which arm I actually broke!!! If only I had been in touch with Karina when I broke my leg some years back, perhaps I wouldn’t feel the stiffness that I sometimes feel from time to time from the pins that are now in my leg.

I am eternally grateful for the role Karina has played in my life, there is no doubt in my mind that it’s because of Karina that I AM now healed. I have no need for further healing. I AM in perfect health, mentally and physically. I fully endorse Karina to provide you with the tools to help you heal yourself too." 

Ross Aiken, 
Founder of Sunday Soul Lounge and Author of Spiritual Life Management

"Thank you karina for an enlightening and fascinating course. It was a pleasure to learn healing techniques from someone who presents the material in such a clear and user friendly way. Your warmth and ability to demystify concepts and make them useable means that I have already been integrating these skills into my life as both a Mum and a Doula. Being conscious of the ideas of mirroring and the energy we are able to transmit are really proving to be very valuable life skills.I look forward to having the opportunity to learn from you again in the future."- Ora Goldberg, Doula and Mother of 5 Serene Birthing

"Having shattered my wrist in a number of places playing football, the Hi Chi process literally worked wonders. Within minutes I felt a gentle heat which felt nice (but to be honest I didn’t think much of) and this continued for over an hour. To my surprise, when I had an X-ray a few days later two of the bones that had previously moved had returned to their rightful place. I had the before and after X rays for whoever wants to see them. This was after only one session! Following my operation at The Garden Clinic I then had the benefit of another Hi Chi session and recovered 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

Without hesitation, I would strongly recommend Karina’s Hi Chi techniques." 

D Toubian, London Commercial Property Adviser

Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery



Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery