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Art Giser

Art GiserArt Giser is the creator of Energetic NLP and a gifted healer and intuitive. He created Energetic NLP to provide rapid, easy and powerful ways for people to unleash themselves – so you can let go of limiting beliefs and old energetic programming which no longer serves you.

Infamous for his innate sense of fun, his mischievous way of training and his light-hearted approach, training with Art is an experience full of light, joy and a lot of laughter!

Even though he has a strong scientific background, you will never feel ‘lost’ as Art has the knack of explaining the science behind Energetic NLP in a clear and concise way.

Art comes with a huge list of credentials which is worth mentioning to demonstrate how educated, researched and informed he is in the field of NLP, science, and intuitive healing. He not only managed a research lab in reproductive endocrinology for 11 years at the University of California, San Francisco Medical School and Hospital, but he also studied with all of the major developers of NLP including Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Leslie Cameron-Bandler, Michael Lebeau, David Gordon, Robert Dilts, and Steve and Connie Ray Andreas.Energetic NLP Group

Art is a Member of “The Association for NLP (ANLP)” – A UK based organisation which upholds standards within the field of NLP. He was also part of the NLP research team headed by Leslie Cameron-Bandler, David Gordon, and Michael Lebeau that developed Imperative Self Analysis. He was one of the first 2 trainers certified by them to teach Imperative Self Analysis.

He was in the first NLP and Health workshop with Robert Dilts in 1985 and has completed the health certification programme. Art has been an NLP trainer and taught energetic transformative work & intuition development for over 23 years. He currently lives in San Francisco, and has clients in the US, Europe, and South America.

For the last 27 years, Art has studied intensively with a diverse group of spiritual teachers, intuitives, and healers including: John Friedlander – author and trainer, John Fulton – founder of Aesclepion, Joseph Martinez – former president of the Philippine Psychic healers Association of America and John Norman.

And last but not least, Art has had two empowerments directly from the Dalai Lama of Tibet, and the internationally known Brazilian healer, John of God, has been helping Art to increase his healing abilities for the last 8 years.

Find out more about Art Giser here.and Energetic NLP here.

Chris Milbank

chris millbank

Chris Milbank is a  highly respected therapist the world over. He has a wealth of experience as both a trainer and a practitioner. His desire to help others led him to seek the best training that he could find and Chris has studied some of the most advanced modalities in the field of human change.

Through his experience of severe respitory illnesses as a child and more recently almost dying of aids/hiv, chris has time and again bought in alternative methods to cure himself, his general need to find out what works has taken him on a life time journey of discovering the very best alternative health methods. Learning from the Father of energy psychology Dr Roger Callahan as his right hand man studying voice technology Thought Field Therapy and teaching all around the world. Before going on to create Reflective Repatterning and it's laws of opposites as perhaps the most effective emotional mind therapy treatment to ever be created. When Chris became ill with aids and perhaps only had days to live, he used the Reflective Repatterning to build up a Relentless Resolve to Get Well, and explored some of the most effective alternative health methods. Chris is now cured of aids and is back in real good health. He presents a "Get Well" course offering his insights into how to reverse illness and regain health. He has further studied in psychology counselling, advanced hypnotherapy and many other modalities from all around the globe.

Chris is great fun and down-to-earth. He brings his skill and knowledge, as well as his  genuine care for the
well-being of people, to his trainings.
We welcome you to find out more about Chris Milbank and Reflective Repatterning

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Anne Jirsch

Anne JirschAnne Jirsch is a psychic intuitive with an international following that includes heads of industry, politicians, and celebrities. She is one of the world’s leading experts and pioneers of future life progression.

Anne has conducted her own study into the world one hundred years into the future, and has written the first published book on Future Life Progression.Anne Jirsch

“I began working with past life regression over 20 years ago and through this discovered Future Life Progression. It has changed my life. Somehow by tapping into the future what we wanted came much sooner.” says Anne.

“I soon realised that the dramatic change and improvements it has brought to my own life could benefit others too. I have now used FLP with hundreds of my clients. Some of their experiences are in my book ‘The Future is Yours’.

For the past ten years I have been experimenting and gaining knowledge and techniques which I am now teaching to others. I hope you will join me and become one of the first people in the world to train as a Future Life Progression Practitioner.”

We welcome you to find out more about Anne Jirsch and Future Life Progression

Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn DevonishMarilyn Devonish has been PhotoReading™ for 12 years and completed her Certified PhotoReading Instructor Training with the PhotoReading™ Creator Paul Scheele in March 2002.

She is one of the longest established Certified PhotoReading™ Instructors in the UK, and her incredible workshops will take you on a journey of self discovery and show you step-by-step how to accelerate your mind and potential.Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn has worked with Schools, Corporations, Coaches, Consultants, Therapists, Students, Business Owners, Academics, people with Dyslexia and Dsypraxia, and even a team of Rocket Scientists, showing them how to more easily access their untapped potential, skills and capabilities.

She is also a Business Studies Graduate, holder of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Post Graduate Diploma, a Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy, Certified Life and Executive Coach, Management Consultant and Prince 2 Practitioner.

With over 25 years industry experience Marilyn brings together a unique blend of business skills and cutting edge personal change technologies which creates a transformational and powerful learning environment.

We welcome you to find out more about Marilyn Devonish and PhotoReading

Karina Grant

Karina GrantKarina Grant is the principle quantum touch trainer for the UK. People constantly report how much they love Karina’s gentle and empowering training style and the benefits they have got from learning Quantum Touch – both in their personal lives and in their work with others.

Karina is the Instructor of Level I and is the Advanced Level II and Self Created Health instructor for the UK.

Karina is the official UK Quantum Touch mentor for both existing and new practitioners and instructors, coaching people through all aspects of the process. She is also the official UK Quantum Touch liaison.karina Grant

As part of her passion and commitment to being the very best trainer she can be, Karina is also a Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner (Domancic method), Reiki Practitioner and is well versed in several other energy healing techniques. She is a member of The British Holistic Medical Association.

Karina has had the utmost privilege of personal and extensive training with two of the world’s leading teachers in conscious awareness and meditation, resulting in several experiences of awakening. She perceives energy using three of her senses which is incredibly useful when working with others.

Karina works with people from all walks of life and from all belief systems, and her workshops are frequently attended by traditional and complimentary health care professionals, as well as a range of people interested in learning these skills to help themselves or others.

It is Karina’s utmost belief that anything is possible, and that even the most severe of conditions can be overcome and at the very least managed well. Energy healing is in her opinion the fastest and most powerful way to facilitate recovery and wellness.

We welcome you to find out more about Quantum Touch.