Karina Grant

Karina Grant is the principle quantum touch trainer for the UK. People constantly report how much they love Karina’s gentle and empowering training style and the benefits they have got from learning Quantum Touch – both in their personal lives and in their work with others. Karina is the Instructor of Level I and is the Advanced Level II and Self Created Health instructor for the UK. Karina is the official UK Quantum Touch mentor for both existing and new practitioners and instructors, coaching people through all aspects of the process. She is also the official UK Quantum Touch liaison.

As part of her passion and commitment to being the very best trainer she can be, Karina is also a Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner (Domancic method), Reiki Practitioner and is well versed in several other energy healing techniques. She is a member of The British Holistic Medical Association. Karina has had the utmost privilege of personal and extensive training with two of the world’s leading teachers in conscious awareness and meditation, resulting in several experiences of awakening. She perceives energy using three of her senses which is incredibly useful when working with others.

Karina works with people from all walks of life and from all belief systems, and her workshops are frequently attended by traditional and complimentary health care professionals, as well as a range of people interested in learning these skills to help themselves or others. It is Karina’s utmost belief that anything is possible, and that even the most severe of conditions can be overcome and at the very least managed well. Energy healing is in her opinion the fastest and most powerful way to facilitate recovery and wellness. We welcome you to find out more about Quantum Touch.