This is a Special Message for Coaches, Trainers, Body Workers, Psychics, Energy Healers & Other Wellbeing Practitioners who are EXTRAORDINARILY Passionate About Helping Others and Whose Mission It is To Create Magic!



23rd & 24th September 2017, London

Brandon Bays Will Reveal The Secret Behind her Phenomenal Success of “The Journey” & How She’s Transformed Lives In 47 Different Countries & 5 Different Continents. She & The Other Top Luminaries & Business Experts Will Show You How To Make A HUGE Difference Whilst Still Doing What You Love

“Discover how World Renowned Holistic Luminaries like Brandon Bays, Dr Joanna Martin & Lisa Turner Have Helped Millions of People & How You Can Spread Your Light Around The World & Make A Shining Difference Too”

From: Jemma of Solar Events

First things first, a statement from me: my biggest passion in life (apart from dolphins!) is helping life coaches, trainers, healers, energy workers, psychics, therapists and other heart-centred people transform their own emotional, physical and spiritual lives.   And on top of that, in the last 10 years at Solar Events, I’ve brought in luminaries and experts such as John Gray, Stephen Covey and Michael Gerber and in the process helped train thousands of passionate professionals in the above vocations with exciting, cutting edge modalities so they could go on and transform the lives of others.   These include:    Life coaches, trainers and wellbeing practitioners who added new modalities to their tool-belt enabling them to help more people than ever before, often achieving remarkable results.    Heart-centred authors, musicians, artists and other creatives who cleared their blocks and went onto publish books, get commissions and fulfill their dreams of making a living from their creative passions!   And normal people, just like you or me, who experienced deep-rooted emotional and physical healing which profoundly transformed their jobs, their love-life, their health and their relationship with money.   And in that time, you know what I realised?

Being Spiritual And Having Money Are Not Mutually Exclusive!

I know you’re here because you want to make a difference.   And it’s no exaggeration to say the planet needs more deeply caring, altruistic people just like you.   That’s why it bothers me when I see people who desperately want to make the world a better place but end up wasting their time chasing clients, chasing payments and trying to make ends meet.   I know how frustrating this is! All your focus goes on surviving rather than doing what you love best – which is helping others.   And I don’t just mean helping others 1:1.   I’m talking about making the kind of difference which creates a global shift in society . . . in politics, in leadership, in the environment, in schools, in 3rd world countries . . . in the very fabric of the earth’s being!   In fact, it’s fair to say . . .

The World Needs YOU Right Now More Than Ever.

But you can’t make this difference if you’re struggling to make ends meet and you’re constantly worried about where the next client is going to come from or how to pay your bills at the end of the month.   There’s no shame in that by the way.   But you – and the planet – deserve way more than this.   And that’s what I want to address.   I want better for you.   But as you read this, I know what you’re thinking . . .

Do We Really Need Another Event?!

No, not really.   Especially not the kind which tells you how to make a million dollars in 6 easy months!   Urgh. I hate the kind of event! The one which is a massive pitch-fest, full of puffed up ego’s and with zero take-home content.   They just assume all you want is money and lots of it.   Not that money is bad. Far from it.   But I know you’d much prefer to make money out of doing something you love and whilst making a huge difference at the same time.   I get that.   That’s why I knew this event had to be totally different.   So on 23rd– 24th September I’ll be hosting the first ever “Holistic Business Summit” and it’s kicking off in spectacular fashion with the amazing Brandon Bays headlining!

(In fact she’s speaking on Saturday and Sunday on 2 separate topics so you won’t want to miss either day.)

And . . . she’ll be sharing exactly how she built her globally recognized, critically acclaimed healing and transformational business, all based around her bestselling book, “The Journey”!

  This is HUGE.   Not only because Brandon is someone I personally admire because of her profound ability to attract people from all ages and backgrounds.   But also because “The Journey” is one of the most powerful healing modalities available anywhere in the world and gives deep, long-lasting tangible results.   And yet Brandon is more than just a book. She is on a worldwide mission to unlock the huge untapped potential within us all and so far she’s shared it across 47 countries on 5 different continents!   So one of the questions I am most curious to know, and maybe you are too, is – HOW has Brandon spread her light so far and wide?   How is she able to make this kind of difference on such an epic level?!   Because it’s no fluke or coincidence that she’s managed to reach 47 countries . . .

It’s called having a smart business which works for her.

    That’s why I’m so thrilled that Brandon is going to be sharing some of the tools and strategies which allowed her to build and grow her business and spread her message of transformation so extensively.   And if that wasn’t enough, as well as Brandon, I’ve also invited some of the world’s top practitioners and business experts to share how they’ve built their businesses.   Their unique combination of savvy business acumen mixed with heart-centred values makes them massively successful with clients all around the world – but more importantly – authentic.   So, whatever your aspirations or dreams, one of the business experts of luminaries will be able to help!   For example, you might not dream of creating a worldwide empire like Brandon’s . . . instead you might have a goal of working 3 days a week as a therapist and making £30,000 a year.   Or your mission could be to start running seminars, conferences and group programmes so you reach more people at once rather than just working 1:1.   There’s nothing wrong with either of these dreams and we’ll show you how to make both of these happen for you.   At the same time, if you DO want to create transformation on the epic scale Brandon achieves, we’ll show you how to do that too!   Whatever your dreams, there’ll be something for you here.

The Holistic Business Summit Is Completely Different!

Here are a few distinctions, which I think makes this event different to anything we’ve ever run before at Solar Events – and maybe even different to any other event you’ve experienced before!  


1)  It’s Not Just About ‘Information’

Information is great but pretty useless by itself.   A great chef can give you all the ingredients to make the tastiest soufflé ever but without the recipe that soufflé ain’t going to rise!   That’s why the heart of this event is not just about information.   It’s about IMPLEMENTATION.   Our speakers will share their successful holistic business models with you – and I bet you’ll be amazed at how many different approaches there are to suit all individuals.   It doesn’t matter if you can only work part time so you can spend more time with your children or if you want to set up an epic empire!   I can guarantee you’ll walk out of the summit brimming with new ideas.   And more importantly, you’ll definitely get some tangible, take-home strategies you can implement right away in your business today to start making the bigger difference you want to make.  

2)  All Of Our Speakers Are Making A Difference and They’re Making Money

Like I said before. You can do both.   And you can do it to the level you want too!   You can aim to have HUGE worldwide success like Brandon, training people across 5 continents, or you can run your business to a level which suits you.   Perhaps you want to automate parts of your business so you work less hours . . .   Maybe you just want to expand beyond your local community and start reaching clients further afield in new, exciting ways?   Perhaps you just want to add a new modality to your tool belt.   Whatever you want, I’m 100% certain that our speakers will be able to help you achieve your business and personal goals . . . and more importantly, achieve them in a way which doesn’t make you feel icky!   What do I actually mean by that?   Well, you can be confident that everything they teach will be 100% authentic, 100% honest and 100% real.   They haven’t built businesses driven by how much money they can make.   They’ve built internationally acclaimed businesses out of a drive to help people.   And along the way, some of them have happened to make pretty good money too.   Like Brandon who has over 20 years of experience teaching people around the globe to use “The Journey” to facilitate emotional and physical healing and is now a globally recognised brand.   Or Nick James who’s generated millions of pounds in live seminars and conferences offering tools to help those in all kinds of businesses, including holistic professionals.   Or Dr Joanna Martin whose message and work have directly impacted over 70,000 people on 4 different continents.   They help people all over the world and they get well paid for it.   Yes.   You can have both!   You just need to know how.

Why I’m Doing This Now . . .

For anyone who knows me, in the past 10 years of running Solar Events, then you’ll know the place to find me at one of my events is either at the back of the room or behind the scenes.   The truth is being on stage petrifies me!   Yep. I’m one of those people who much prefer to let other people have the limelight – literally!   But whilst standing on stage is not my thing, running successful events is! Like I said I’ve been doing it for 10 years now, welcoming speakers from all over the world like John Gray and Stephen Covey   In fact, I’ve always been committed to inviting international luminaries and experts to speak at my events.   Put it another way. It’s a lot easier for me to bring them to you, rather than you have to travel to them!   Don’t you just hate that?   You really want to see your favourite speaker but don’t particularly fancy a 12hour flight to California . . . and all the expenses that entails!   That’s why I’m particularly proud of this event because it means so much to me to see a world renowned speaker like Brandon speak on a UK stage – meaning you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to go see her.   You can just come along to London and see her in the flesh in September.

You Can Create The Lifestyle You Want For Yourself

Even though this is the biggest event I’ve ever put on before and it makes me nervous just thinking about it . . . I’m also so excited by it too.   Why?   Because I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the most amazing people on the planet (like you), helping make a difference to people’s lives and all the time doing what I love best!   As you probably know, one of the things I am most passionate about in life is swimming with wild dolphins. (You can read more about my healing journey in my bio a bit further down the page in case you’re interested.)   And in the past couple of years I realised I wanted to bring groups of people to Hawaii so they too can experience the deep healing and transformation of swimming with wild dolphins for themselves.   So that’s what I did!   And the joy of watching people experience this was probably one of the most touching moments of my life.   Now you may not want to swim with wild dolphins in Hawaii (although I seriously recommend it) and you may not want to run your own retreats. You may not want to even leave the UK.   And that’s all fine!   But because of what I do, I now have the freedom to spend a large part of the year doing what I love.   And teaching you how to do the same is why this event was born.

Why The Holistic Business Summit?

So – why is this event specifically for life coaches, therapists, healers, energy workers, yoga teachers psychics and other wellbeing practitioners?   Because I LOVE the people who make up this industry! You really are the most heart-centred, authentic, beautiful souls on the planet.   I also know there are literally thousands of extremely passionate practitioners here in the UK, who every single day continue to make a profound difference to other people’s lives.   But there’s one small problem.   They haven’t managed to create the right business model to get themselves – and their message of transformation – out there on the scale they dream of.   And worse. A lot of them are just scraping by, just about making ends meet and constantly making financial sacrifices.   Or if you are already making a comfortable income doing what you love, maybe you’re ready to upscale to the next level – whatever that looks like for you.   Because the truth is knowing how to take your unique gift or passion and sharing it with others is one of the most fulfilling feelings on earth.   Plus, being able to make good money from it gives you the freedom to do what you want and when you want it.   And that could look like a perma-holiday in Hawaii.   Or it might look like your biggest, shiniest ‘is it even possible’ dream.   (Yes it is possible and at the Holistic Business Summit we’ll show you how.)

But What If I Don’t Want To Create A Worldwide Business?

That’s fine! You can create the exact size holistic business you want.   Maybe for you that looks like more high-priced one to one coaching so you have the spare cash to give to the causes you are passionate about.   Or perhaps you want to scale up and create a ‘coach the coach’ programme so you’re the one mentoring other coaches, therapists and trainers.   Maybe you dream of automating your business so you have more time to do volunteer work in your local community. . . . or spend more time with your children.   Is it time to start delivering your training online so you can reach people all around the world from the comfort of your own home?   Or maybe start running live workshops and seminars so you can reach more people at once instead of working 1:1?   If you are already running workshops, what about creating your own multi-speaker events and inviting other world-class coaches, trainers and therapists to your stage?   Or maybe you have ambitions of starting a powerful cause, foundation or charity that truly makes an epic difference worldwide!

It’s Time To Make That Difference . . .

  • Whatever your goal, at the “Holistic Business Summit” we’re going to show you how we’ve grown our holistic businesses, using the latest online and offline strategies – all done with 100% authenticity.
  •   Some of the speakers, like Brandon, have achieved impressive worldwide success, whilst others run their business to a scale which fits around their family life and their other passions.   But one thing is for sure – every speaker will have something valuable to share with you!   Like:
  • How to share your gift to a much wider audience by doing live workshops, seminars and training programmes so you can reach more people at once and make a more profound difference
  • How to align your spiritual calling with authentic business success.
  • If you run a coaching business (or your business relies on the number of people you can help), discover how to turn clients from “interested” into paying customers every time so you can overcome their hesitation and give them the deeper transformation they need.
  • Beautiful, healing meditations leaving you blissfully relaxed, content and abundant. (Brandon Bays, Karina Grant and myself are going to be holding meditations).
  • The secrets behind creating meaningful information products (books, e-courses, membership sites etc) meaning you can spread your message to all corners of the globe and reach people you never thought you’d be able to!
  • How to create and run Group coaching and Mastermind Programmes so you share your most powerful work with the people who want it the most and who are prepared to pay well to get results.
  • The opportunity to connect with your fellow heart-centred practitioners, therapists, coaches and trainers as well as myself and some of the other speakers.

It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve or even how you want to get there . . . but the most important thing is to step up, scale up and “The Holistic Business Summit” can help you get there.

Who This Is NOT For . . .

As you’ve probably gathered the “Holistic Business Summit” is not for people who are just after making “a quick buck” or for people who have no interest in making a bigger difference in the world.

  And here’s the key one . . .   It’s also not for people who are hesitant about creating a lucrative business for themselves.   There can be a hell of a lot of mindset limitations about making money – even when you’re making money from helping others on a grand scale and doing amazing, life-changing things with your business.   But like I said before – I’m pretty certain that being spiritual and being rich are not mutually exclusive.   When you attend, you need to understand that stepping into your true authentic power means you can help MORE people than ever before on a scale which is unimaginable right now from your current perspective.   But stepping into your true power is more than just a mindset shift about making money . . .   It’s about creating – or improving – a solid business framework around yourself to enable you to make that bigger difference. And if that frightens you, please do not attend.

Introducing Your Speakers


Author of the international bestseller “The Journey”

Having been guided by the light of her soul to heal completely and naturally from a basketball size tumour in just 6½ weeks, Brandon Bays knew her radical, life-changing experience had to be shared with the world. So she put pen to paper and described her experiences in her international bestselling book The Journey®. The success of the book and the world’s thirst for the work led to the development of a series of workshops and seminars. These are now offered in 47 countries on 5 continents. Today Brandon is recognised as one of the world’s most dynamic and innovative mind-body-healing teachers. The Journey is one of the most powerful healing modalities available anywhere, and attracts people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the powerful, tangible and lasting results this work delivers. Through her continuous travels, interactions and immersion in cultures around the world, Brandon has directly experienced a wave of awakening and a shift in consciousness around the globe. “Increasingly, people are recognising the huge untapped potential that lies within, and as a result, they experience an undeniable longing to come home to themselves. I invite you to take the unique opportunity of The Journey to dive into the core of your being, liberate your untapped potential and apply it in every area of your life.” At The Holistic Business Summit Brandon will be sharing the behind the scenes secrets to her phenomenal worldwide success for the first time! This is not to be missed! She will also be doing a live audience Q&A session after her presentation so you’ll have the opportunity to ask her your golden question!


Owner of One of Many, Shift Speaker Training & Empress

Dr Joanna Martin is a renowned visionary, coach and catalyst; leading women into a new global paradigm and her message and work have directly impacted over 70,000 people on 4 different continents. She currently leads over 22,000 professionals at various stages of growth to increase their impact and influence through her three organisations: One of many™: grassroots leadership training and coaching for women managers and entrepreneurs changing their corner of the world Shift Speaker Training: effective presentation training for entrepreneurial leaders and activists EMPRESS: the global collective for entrepreneurial women An internationally acclaimed and award-winning speaker, she took her own business from zero to 7-figures and two countries in 12 months. In fact, her Presentation Power Intensive Workshops are widely acknowledged by her thousands of graduates as the most transformational training on effective presentations on the planet. She has also certified over 1650 coaches, master coaches and trainers in behavioural change tools and is a committed financial investor in the work of The Hunger Project and has supported them by training over 70 fundraisers and facilitators globally. Last but by no means least, she’s a diplomatic wife, a sometimes-too-tired mother, a protective sister, and a caring friend. She has a very cool head, but a very big heart. At The Holistic Business Summit Joanna will be sharing:

  • The secrets behind her extraordinary results in business
  • The energetic shift happening currently that you must be aware of, and be aligned with to succeed in the long term
  • How to align your spiritual calling with authentic business success
  • Powerful tools you can use to implement immediately to increase your effectiveness.


Founder of Seriously Fun Business and creator of
Expert Empires 2017

Having dropped out of university at the age of 21, Nick failed spectacularly with his first coaching business and ended up taking a £16k/yr telesales job. Within 12 months he was top performer and earning up to £10k/month, before starting his second business at 24. This time he discovered a winning formula and did six figures in the first year . . . £250 in the second year . . . and then nearly went out of business due to a mistake, which cost him £50,000 in personal cash! Nick kept it afloat, turned it around, and sold that business later in a seven-figure deal. He then co-founded a multi-million-pound events company, which he exited in 2015, and founded “Seriously Fun Business” – a company specialising in helping Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Authors and Other Experts grow their business rapidly by running their own successful live events. At The Holistic Business Summit Nick will show you how to take your expertise or gift, and get it out to the world by doing seminars, workshops, conferences and group programs. 


One of the world’s leading female coaches

Nicki Vee is a Master Coach Trainer and has mentored hundreds of Coaches, Trainers, Therapists, Consultants and Alternative Practitioners to master the art of being a World Class Coach and getting paid for it! She started as a Managing Director and Human Resources Director in the leisure industry, responsible for the development of 3,000 staff and the creator of a dramatic financial turnaround for a division within BUPA and became one of the UK’s most successful Corporate Coaches and then, with her husband Tony, well known for their work with Intimate Relationships. Trained by the ‘best of the best’, Tony Robbins & Brandon Bays, she has travelled extensively with them to learn her craft. Her passion for sharing the art of coaching began with her early ‘Coach the Coach’ programs, she developed her unique ‘V Coaching Strategy’ and her determination to assist people in the helping professions drove her to creating ‘Getting Clients & Getting Paid’! She has trained, mentored and coached Human Resources Departments and Line Managers within companies to use the V Coaching Strategy to enhance performance throughout the organisation. The V Coaching Strategy is all about utilising awesome coaching questions that will cause people to have new realisations about their strategies and behaviours. People can then make informed decisions that they will, much more consistently, follow through on. At The Holistic Business Summit Nicki will be sharing her secrets on mastering the art of being a world class coach and very importantly, getting paid for it!


The Psychic Scientist and owner of Psycademy

Lisa Turner, often know as the Psychic Scientist, created Psycademy to train the most successful coaches, therapists and high-level psychics. Her graduates go onto become highly sought after therapists who can facilitate the highest level of transformation with their clients, often commanding high fees because of the speed at which they can enable their clients to create profound transformation. Psycadamy is the only company to offer a professional certified psychic and spiritual practitioner training. Proud of her 95% success rate experienced by her clients and students, her personal mission is to assist people to become empowered, free and successful to help them evolve. With an approach based on years of research into the latest scientific, psychological and spiritual thinking, Lisa previously worked as a senior lecturer in Automotive Engineering and holds a PhD in Aero-acoustics and Mechanical Engineering. She has studied the mind for over 15 years and is a certified trainer of NLP, NLP Coaching, Creating Your Future Coaching Techniques, Time Line Therapy ® and Hypnosis. She is also a student of many esoteric schools including Tantra, the Kabala, Shamanism, Reiki and Huna. In addition to working spiritually, she also enables people to harness and use their sexual energy for spiritual awakening and personal empowerment. A charismatic public speaker, Lisa has appeared on local radio and her articles have featured in Kindred Spirit, Marie Claire, Psychologies, Metro, The Sun, The Daily Star, The Mail on Sunday, News of The World, Top Sante and many more.   At The Holistic Business Summit Lisa will be sharing how to: “Activate Your Profit Chakras”

  • Discover which of your profit chakras is blocked and how this is keeping you, broke, your business struggling and your message dying silent inside you.
  • Exactly why you feel so guilty about charging for your spiritual services and how to free yourself from this
  • A simple step by step process to bring your divinely inspired ideas into reality now.
  • The THREE easy ways to activate your profit chakras to create a flow of clients and money
  • What the Bible and other spiritual teachings REALLY say about money, and how they have been misquoted to keep you broke and powerless.

Anne Jirsch


Anne Jirsch is a London born professional futurist with a large worldwide following. Her client base includes heads of industry, politicians and celebrities from the world of film, music and sport. She is the best-selling author of four books ‘Instant Intuition,’ ‘The Future is Yours,’ ‘Cosmic Energy,’ and ‘Create Your Perfect Future.’ She has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows, including regular slots on BBC Radio, BBC morning news and more recently ‘This Morning’ where she hypnotised celebrity Natalie Cassidy and took her into her future lifetime. Dubbed ‘The Queen of FLP’ Anne travels extensively with her sell-out workshops and seminars. Anne’s FLP Training School is now in 20 countries. Now working on her 5th book, her aim is to help you anticipate your own powerful future. She believes most people are working way beneath their full potential. Her techniques will enable you to find and create your most successful and productive future. ‘The world is changing fast, it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. Whatever your industry, it will change. The key is to anticipate the future and to be one step ahead,’ Anne Jirsch







Creator of Hi Chi Health Institute

Karina Grant is the creator of the Hi Chi Integrated Health System, a culmination of her own insights and techniques in healing. The Hi Chi Integrated Health Institute, is in her opinion, the fastest and most powerful place to facilitate recovery and wellness. When her Father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2005, she searched for ways to help his symptoms and discovered energy healing. After seeing the immediate effect the treatment had on his health, she decided to explore energy healing fully in order to be able to help him herself. Additionally, Karina is a Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner (Domancic method), Reiki Practitioner, is fluent in many other energy healing techniques and graduated from Tony Robbins Mastery University in 2001. She has spent a decade teaching traditional and complementary health care professionals, Doctors, nurses, research scientists, CEO’s, parents, carers, teachers and a variety of other professional backgrounds about natural health and energy healing. She has also enjoyed teaching meditation in large corporations and institutions and has trained people from The World Health Organisation and other prestigious organisations. Karina has one clear mission. To teach the most cutting edge healing techniques in ways which are incredibly playful and easy to learn – that achieve incredible results. Karina is a member of The British Holistic Medical Association and The College of Medicine. At The Holistic Business Summit, Karina will talk about The Hi Chi Integrated Health Institute and give you amazing insights about what it takes to live a life packed with Hi Chi. She’ll also share her top tips on how she became such a successful healing practitioner and how you can do the same. Specifically she is going to:

  • Help you identify the mental and emotional blocks which hold you back from healing, helping others heal and becoming a hugely successful practitioner
  • Show you why you need very high energy to heal physical conditions
  • What kind of conditions can be helped with Hi Chi energy healing and what the type of results you can regularly expect
  • Self-healing and why it is absolutely vital to be a successful practitioner
  • The biggest mistake that practitioners make & how to make it into your biggest strength
  • Why most people don’t implement what they learn and how to overcome this


[caption id="attachment_401" align="alignnone" width="300" class="<g class= g class="] JEMMA PRITTIE
Founder of Solar Events and Wild Dolphin Retreats Hawaii

Jemma Prittie is the founder of the Solar Events, helping run transformational events for thousands of people every year. But, it’s safe to say that her true passion is dolphins. As a trained animal communicator she has been swimming with wild dolphins in various locations all over the world for many years, most specifically in Hawaii where she runs wild dolphin retreats. Her fascination with dolphins began at an early age. When she was 14 her father took her to SeaWorld but when she saw these wonderful beings swimming in the pool her immediate reaction was to burst into tears. She felt such a strong connection with these dolphins and knew in the fibre of her being they were deeply unhappy. Two years later, at the age of 16, Jemma had a near death experience when she was hit by a car while walking down a country lane. She was in a coma with multiple injuries and the doctors gave little hope for any recovery, but then a miracle happened. After six weeks, much to everyone’s amazement, she woke up. She did not know it at the time but this experience was to change her life forever. As soon as she was sufficiently recovered she decided to go on a round-the-world trip. On this trip, she encountered wild dolphins in their natural habitat in New Zealand for the first time. Swimming with wild dolphins was a deeply healing encounter which began her life-long life affair with these amazing beings. Many years later Jemma was faced with another healing crisis and once again she turned to the dolphins for help. This time she visited the wild dolphins in the Bahamas. This was another deeply healing experience and she returned from her trip feeling completely healed – which was subsequently verified by a medical scan. At the “Holistic Business Summit” Jemma will be taking the stage (albeit briefly as she much prefers to stay behind the scenes at her events!) to share her life-changing experiences of the healing power of swimming with wild dolphins. She’s also going to lead a beautiful healing meditation helping you connect with the dolphins through Lemuria – leaving you blissfully relaxed and content.

Daniel Wagner

Daniel Wagner is a seeker. A seeker of ‘a better way’ as he describes it. A seeker of personal freedom and choice. This passion and obsession to continually look for a better way has seen him live in a spiritual community, build multiple seven figure businesses, open a Vegan restaurant, and at age 50 ‘chuck it all in’ to reinvent himself again. Having vacated millionaire’s row he’s currently a fan of minimalism, is in the middle of a co-living project and has become – almost overnight – director of communications for The Journey, a company dedicated to grow awareness for the limitless potential and innate genius in all of us. He’s simple credo is to ‘create a life you don’t have to escape from, and help others do the same’. His interest in intelligent business models and his knowledge of online marketing makes him a sought after consultant for companies wanting to grow their revenue and profit, not their staff count, and makes him also an engaging and exciting keynote speaker on smart marketing. Talk summary for Holistic Business Summit How to tell the Truth in Marketing and the Biggest Secrets to building Trust and Connection (and make money with less selling…) In his talk Daniel Wagner will show you behind the scenes of the marketing strategy behind ‘The Journey Evolution’. Since his arrival at The Journey, an event company in the self-development space with twenty years of success, his ideas and approaches are radical and innovative. They are less revolution than evolution and his main focus is to make more of the existing assets, often with little or no marketing budget. The strategies are easy to copy or adept for any holistic business and include referral strategies, lead generation and developing the new Journey App. The goal is to 10x the company in the next 3 years and he’ll be reporting on the results after year 1. Never before have these strategies been seen or shared in public and it’s a testimony to the truth-based marketing approach that promotes transparency and openness at a level most companies would be scared to operate…


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Free copy of Brandon Bays ‘The Journey’

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Ok. Decision time! In the past when I’ve spoken to people about attending one of our events or working with us, it’s usually one of three things that holds them back. And they are:

I don’t have the time!

I completely understand that giving up a weekend is a big ask so please be assured I don’t take your decision to come for granted. However, I know from personal experience that the time you’ll lose if you don’t come can be potentially damaging longer-term. Not just to you – but the people or causes you want to help. It’s proven that when you use the right business strategies you can save months or even years of trying to get your business off the ground. So, another way of looking at this event is one weekend now is a very small investment of your time compared to how much you’re going to save in the years ahead!

I don’t have the money!

You’ll probably have heard of this before, but the best way of looking at this event is not as an “expense” but as an “investment”. And the sooner you register the less your investment is going to be! (Remember you must book before 15th August to get the Earlybird discount!) I know that if you implement just one of the strategies shared at this summit – perhaps by Brandon or one of the other successful holistic business owners like Joanna Martin or Nick James – you’ll make your investment back. Seriously, just one insight or aha moment could enable you to triple your coaching client list or give you the boost to run your first speaking event or the know-how on how to create your own information product. But look. The financial reward is nice – and I certainly believe you deserve more – but I know that’s not enough incentive for you. So think about the difference you are going to make with the tools you are going to learn. That’s the real investment here. How many lives you’re going to now impact.

I’m not sure if it’s right for me!

If you’re not sure this event is right for you, or you genuinely have no interest in making a bigger difference and helping more people and setting up a holistic business for yourself, then this event probably isn’t right for you. However, if you’re still reading this but haven’t decided to book your seat then you’re probably just second-guessing your own ability to make to make use of what’s on offer. So if really are doubting if you can step up into your true power and make the difference you yearn to make then . . .

Register Now!

Can’t wait to meet you in person on 23rd September! Jemma x PS – Seating at “The Holistic Business Summit” is going to be strictly limited and I bet VIP Tickets are going to be like gold dust! Considering this is the first time Brandon Bays will be sharing how she built her business for the first time then I think you can understand why I expect tickets to sell out fast. So don’t think about coming for too long in case you miss out altogether! PPS – In 2017, only life coaches, therapists, healers, psychics, yoga teachers and body workers who understand that a solid business holistic business model and getting well paid for it are going to be the ones making the biggest difference! Many in these industries fail to even make ends meet. And many more are working extreme hours for a small amount of reward. The only question is – which of these 2 groups are you going to be in? One thing is for certain, The Holistic Business Summit is THE PLACE where the difference-makers are going to be. Will you be joining us? Register Now!

Do you have an event schedule?

At this stage we don’t have a finalised event schedule with exact times for each speaker. What I can tell you is that the main headline speakers will be evenly spread throughout the two days, so do your best to attend both days in their entirety so you don’t miss a thing!

Is Brandon Bays speaking on both days?

Yes! Brandon will be giving 2 completely separate presentations – one on Saturday and one on Sunday. So make sure you show up on both days to catch everything she’s going to share!

Is the VIP Lunch for Saturday or Sunday?

The VIP Lunch is on both days.

Who are the selected speakers at the VIP Lunch?

The speakers confirmed are Brandon Bays, Dr Joanna Martin, Nick James, Karina Grant, Jemma Prittie, Lisa Turner and Nicki Vee.

Is Brandon doing a Q&A?

Yes, Brandon will be doing a Q&A on both days after her presentation so this is the ideal time to ask her a question!

VENUE: Grand Connaught Rooms, 61 – 65 Great Queen Street , London WC2B 5DA

Holistic Business Summit Standard Ticket

Free copy of Brandon Bays ‘The Journey’

£247 inc VAT

Holistic Business Summit VIP Ticket

Free copy of Brandon Bays ‘The Journey’

£447 inc VAT

Includes front row seating and lunch with selected speakers (Limited to just 30 seats)


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