This is an audio recorded especially for you by Chris Milbank, an experienced therapist and the creator of Reflective Repatterning. The audio recording will begin to clear the obstacles that you may be having around abundance  – this could be abundance of money, or time, or freedom or something else.

Reflective Rapattening shows us that the more emotionally needy we are of something, then the more we will attract the opposite. So the more we are emotionally in need of abundance, the more we will find that we will struggle. It also shows us that the more we hate and have a strong emotional charge about not wanting something, the more we can attract it into our lives.

Chris will take you step-by-step through this process which will allow you to balance the energetic charge which may be blocking you from experiencing more flow around the abundance in your life. Please note that this is a powerful energetic process. We recommend that you listen to this audio in a place where you can relax and ideally lie down. Please do not listen in a moving vehicle.

Please share your experiences with us – we would love to hear them.

Download the Audio

To download the audio, and listen to it when and where you want, click on the black icon on the top right hand corner of the player. From there you can download it to your desktop.