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Art Giser - Energetic NLP DVD

Art Giser – The Miraculous Self

Use The Power of Your Subconcious Mind and Spiritual Nature to Awaken Your Inner Magic

8 DVD set – Filmed Live at the acclaimed Level 1 Energetic NLP Programme.


Most of us have a sense that there is a bigger self that goes far beyond the limitations of our personality.

Buried underneath layers of unconscious programming and beliefs is your Miraculous Self.

Spiritual DVDYour Miraculous Self has gifts, talents, and abilities that you have only dreamed of – and this DVD set will take you on a journey to discover this inner magic.

Art will take you through powerful energetic processes that will allow you to connect to your miraculous self and begin to live a life that is magical, charmed and synchronistic.

Science has confirmed that there is an energy field in and around the body that has an enormous impact on every aspect of your life.

Join Art to clear unconscious and energetic programming that limits your life and your success, and shuts down your hidden gifts.

You will develop your intuition (your clairvoyance and clairaudience), and open your ability to transform the human energy field with your thoughts. You will feel more authentic and aligned and begin to integrate your Miraculous Self into every aspect of your life.Art Giser

Energetic NLP will allow you to have more success while feeling supported, guided, and having a deep sense of joy and fulfillment.

Art Giser is an internationally renowned teacher, intuitive and healer. He has a gift for helping people access and develop their hidden abilities in extraordinary ways and to discover how amazing they truly are.

Art draws on a unique and diverse background of more than 28 years of study and development in the fields of medical research, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), spirituality, coaching, energy medicine, and intuition development.

Art is known for his magical ability to help people release old programming, emotions and limiting beliefs quickly and easily.

By participating with Art in this DVD you will open up to your miraculous self and awaken your inner magic.

CLICK HERE to order the 8-part DVD set now – £297

Through these DVDs, Art will take you through powerful energetic processes that will allow you to connect to your Miraculous Self and begin to live a life that is magical, charmed and synchronistic.

Your Miraculous Self is:

  • The eternal self in active relationship with the world
  • Integrating your inner wisdom and spirit into your daily life
  • Having a life that is magical, charmed and synchronistic.

Does it work just by watching a DVD? Don’t you have to be at a live workshop?

People that are new to Energetic NLP and Art’s work tell us that they are amazed at how powerful the energies are when they watch the DVDs! People all over the world are using these DVDs to integrate their Miraculous Self into all aspects of their lives.

A few thoughts on Transformation:

Your essence, the real you, is an amazing and beautiful spiritual being. You do not need to change or be transformed, you need to be unleashed.

Through this program you will transform your programming, karma, and beliefs so that the real you can be more present in ALL aspects of your life.

Track listings for DVD

This is an 8 DVD set and was filmed live at Art Giser’s Energetic NLP Level 1 Programme in London.

Disk 1

  • How to get the most out of this program
  • Integrating energy processes into your daily life.
  • Setting intentions and the energy field of the room your are in
  • Connecting with YOUR wisdom and spiritual information

Disk 2

  • Do “energy” vampires exist? Recognizing how powerful you are.
  • Creating a new relationship with your unconscious mind
  • Is your life being controlled by energetic and unconscious programming from other people? Energetic programming- what if your “problems” aren’t really your problems?
  • Process: How much of your energy field is really your authentic energy?
  • How to use symbols to clear your energy field
  • Process: how to clear your energy
  • Process: Validating yourself and others

Disk 3

  • Process: setting the energy in a room and grounding
  • The Big Secret for Seeing Energy
  • Visualization and “picture envy”
  • The differences between NLP and Energetic NLP (ENLP)
  • Introduction to clearing blocks
  • Process: Open your intuition by clearing energetic blocks. Do we have past lives?

Disk 4

  • Process: Powerful Clearing of Programming that holds you back
  • Process: Downloading Wisdom, Skills, Talents, and Information from the “Cosmic Library”
  • How to feel energy fields
  • Process: End of Day Clearing
  • Process: Universal Love
  • Process: Connecting with the people in your life

Disk 5

  • Process: using earth energy, grounding, and setting your energy boundaries
  • Process: using universal energy
  • Key Learnings
  • Process: your spirit, soul, inner wisdom, conscious mind, and unconscious mind
  • Bigger Selves and Alignment of Aspects of Self
  • Processes: Healing your soul
  • Process: Spa treatment for your unconscious mind
  • Process: Sending Healing Energy from your Hands
  • Process: How to clear your energy after working with others

Disk 6

  • Your miraculous self: synchronicity
  • 7th and 6th Energy Centers and how to be in the center of your head
  • Process: how to clear the center of your head, third eye, and telepathic channels
  • Processes: clear 1st-6th Energy Centers
  • Process: Separating your energy from your parent’s energy

Disk 7

  • Process: Male and Female Grounding
  • Discussion: Male and Female Grounding: why it is a critical skill to develop
  • Exploring your 1st and 2nd energy center
  • Process: Exploring 1st and 2nd energy centers
  • How to do simple and effective healings with others

Disk 8

  • How to do Wellness Readings
  • Discussion: Wellness Readings
  • Process: Accessing deep abilities and knowledge
  • Process: integrating and enhancing learnings and transformation while You sleep

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