July 5th – 7pm-930pm (registration from 630pm)

Hypnotic Wealth is a dynamic and impactful talk delivered by Harley Street Hypnotherapist Adam Cox. Adam is not only a hypnotherapist but a self-made multi-millionaire covering business, property and the stock market. In this talk you will learn why your unconscious mind is both the cause of your financial frustrations but also the key to unlock your untapped potential to make as much money as you want and, more importantly, to turn that money into assets that create genuine wealth and financial freedom. 

You will learn:

  • The belief systems of the poor vs the rich.
  • Why get rich quick ‘strategies’ are doomed to fail.
  • Why the wealth mindset is sabotaged or rejected by 95% of the population.
  • How hypnosis can unlock wealth building resources.
  • You will also experience a taster hypnosis session focused on wealth.



You will receive a Hypnotic Wealth download worth £29.99

Adam Cox is a clinical Hypnotherapist based in the world famous Harley Street. He has worked with CEO’s, celebrities and those that had just tried everything else and almost given up. He is a serial entrepreneur and self made multi-millionaire setting up his first business at the age of 15. He is a property investor with 13 commercial and residential properties worth in excess of £4m. He is also an active investor in the markets with a portfolio of more than £500k.
Adam is a radio presenter on the UK’s leading Personal Finance radio station, Share Radio, where his show Modern Mindset features guests that are leading minds in psychology and wealth creation.
Adam understands both the psychology and the practicalities of wealth creation and more importantly uses his knowledge and skillset to help people create wealth from the inside out.

Tickets are just £12 each!


The Warwick
1-3 Warwick St
London, W1B 5LR

The meeting room is in the basement. See you there!