Hypnotic Wealth – Wealth meditation by Adam Cox –

A 45 minute audio file that helps unlock the resources required to be financially wealthy. Using a time machine metaphor you see where your unconscious is currently navigating your future wealth and where it could be once you’ve unlocked the resources, belief systems and strategies to achieve financial wealth. This hypnosis session doesn’t just let you see your financial future it also let’s you know why it’s important. Once you have a clear reason for being wealthy you’re motivation to become wealthy is unlocked. – £29.99



Your Spiritual Journey – Recording of a 2-day workshop with Art Giser

You are on a profound spiritual journey – whether you are consciously aware of it or not!

Spiritual-JourneyMaybe you have done lots of personal growth and healing work and yet still feel like you are stuck in certain areas of your life?

Do you have a sense that you’re here on earth to contribute in some important way, but get frustrated because you can’t find out what you should be doing?

In this recording of a 2-Day workshop with spiritual teacher Art Giser, you will begin to clear the energetic programming, blocks, karma, and spiritual contracts which are holding you back from connecting deeply with your wisdom and spirit.

Once you integrate your inner wisdom and spirit into your life, you will feel guided and supported no matter what is happening around you.

Stop asking what your life purpose is and start living your spiritual journey today!


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Experiencing Deep Self Love – Recording of a 2-day workshop with Art Giser

Experiencing-Deep-Self-Love-CD-Display-v1Most of us have so much ener­getic and uncon­scious pro­gram­ming that we are blocked from truly expe­ri­encing self-love. This programming tells us that it’s not ok to love ourselves or that loving ourselves is ego based and wrong.

In this recording of a 2-day workshop with Art Giser, you will explore the fact that every single person on the planet is, in their essence, a beau­tiful and pow­erful spir­i­tual being. Everyone is spe­cial and unique. Every one of us is part of the unfolding of humanity.

Loving your­self does not have to be based on your judg­ments and eval­u­a­tions of the “right­ness” or quality of your actions (or inac­tions). Or by eval­u­ating one­self in rela­tion to other people. It can be based by the deep recog­ni­tion of your essen­tial spir­i­tual nature.

We will be looking at your essen­tial role in the unfolding of humanity, and the essen­tial role that every single human being plays (no matter how good or bad, worth­while, or worth­less people might judge them to be).

This is a recording of an entire 2-day workshop with Art Giser recorded in London in 2013



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Art Giser: Chakra Energy Spa – 7 DVD Set

Display---Chakra-Spa-DVDJoin Art Giser for this very special 2 day workshop to discover the power of your chakras and experience transformative energies and attunements to clear and heal them. You will set your chakras to operate at a new level that will enhance your life.

During this workshop you will be relaxing, clearing, opening and empowering 12 of your most important chakras (yes 12!).

This is not a workshop to teach you about your chakras, it is a weekend to release the power within them. Your inner wisdom and spirit know everything about your chakras, much more than your conscious mind could ever know or comprehend.

At the Chakra Energy Spa you will go beyond thinking and logic. You will put your inner wisdom and spirit in charge and use the extremely powerful energies Art will bring in to clear, heal and enhance your chakras.



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Art Giser: The Miraculous Self – 8 DVD Set filmed live in London at the acclaimed Level 1 Energetic NLP Programme

DVD Description:

Spiritual DVDMost of us have a sense that there is a bigger self that goes far beyond the limitations of our personality.

Buried underneath layers of unconscious programming and beliefs is your Miraculous Self.

Your Miraculous Self has gifts, talents, and abilities that you have only dreamed of – and this DVD set will take you on a journey to discover this inner magic.

Art will take you through powerful energetic processes that will allow you to connect to your miraculous self and begin to live a life that is magical, charmed and synchronistic.

Join Art to clear unconscious and energetic programming that limits your life and your success, and shuts down your hidden gifts.

You will develop your intuition (your clairvoyance and clairaudience), and open your ability to transform the human energy field with your thoughts. You will feel more authentic and aligned and begin to integrate your Miraculous Self into every aspect of your life.

This 8 DVD set was filmed live at Art Giser’s acclaimed Level 1 programme in London.



Order the Video Downloads – £197


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Art Giser: Healing Ancestral Programming

Programming, in the form of energetic thought forms, is also passed from generation to generation. It ancestralcdcame through your Grandparents to your Parents or Guardians, and then from them down to YOU.

You would probably be amazed and shocked at how your ANCESTORS are affecting and limiting YOUR levels of success, satisfaction, health and relationships.

This was recorded at a live 2-day workshop in London and contains all of the material and processes covered on the day.



Order the the MP3 downloads of the workshop – £77

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Art Giser: Intuition, Wisdom and Spiritual Power (2-cd set)

People are working too hard at life! Life can be so much easier and more incredible than many people realise.

intuition wisdom and spiritual powerWe try to figure every­thing out, make the right deci­sions, and get frus­trated and con­fused by how hard that is when we can’t log­i­cally pre­dict what will happen.

By har­nessing your intu­ition, your inner wisdom, and your spir­i­tual nature, you will feel more guided, sup­ported and flowing with life.

Join Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP, for this workshop recording where you will discover more about your true nature and how to connect with it to magically enhance and transform your life.


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Art Giser: Emotional Freedom

Your emotions affect everything in your life: your relationships to others, your relationship to yourself, your health, your success or failure, how you think and learn, your personal development and your spiritual development.

Emotional freedomMuch of the problems that people have with their emotions are because they don’t realize they are energetically programmed and psychologically programmed to have emotional responses that are not genuine for them.

This causes them to get overwhelmed and confused, and not know how to handle them. So they fight with, suppress, surrender to, or try to “handle” their emotions. They then make negative judgments on themselves for feeling the way that they do.

In this workshop you will learn a system that utilizes cognitive NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) processes with energetic processes to heal old emotional wounds, clear energetic programming that causes you to feel emotions that are not genuine for you, and bring in the ability to have emotional freedom and joy.

This workshop was recorded live in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado at the Festival of Enlightenment in 2011.



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