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Energetic NLP Level 2 Mastery of Energetic NLP, Emotions, Self-Esteem

This 4- day live training with Art Giser is exclusively for people who have taken the 4 day level 1 programme. In this workshop you will build upon what you learned in Level 1 to take your Energetic NLP tools and abilities to a new level.

Art Giser’s Energetic NLP – Opening Your Magical Abilities Programme

Art Giser's acclaimed Energetic NLP Level 1 Programme which is consistently described by participants as transformational and life-changing.

Wild Dolphin Retreat in Hawaii

Experience the life-changing magic of the marine world at a 14 day retreat on the beautiful Big Island. Swim in the sea with wild dolphins, giant sea turtles, manta rays, and more while you discover the invigorating and healing energy of the ocean.

Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch is a hands on energy healing technique that is unique in both its speed and effectiveness, producing the most remarkable results many have ever seen in any healing modality yet. It is causing a huge stir in both the scientific and spiritual communities worldwide.

Voice Technology with Chris Milbank

Voice Technology is a 4 day live training with Chris Milbank and is the most advanced level of TFT (Thought Field Therapy and/or other tapping techniques ie. EFT). In the 4 days split into 2 weekends, you will learn one of the most effective emotional psychological therapies available.

THE MAGIC OF HEALTH: Get Well With Natural Methods & Build Relentless Resolve

Day one of the training is about building up positive beliefs on getting well. Day two we will explore TOTAL TOXIC BODY BURDEN, what it is, how it affects you, where to start from, the best and affordable treatments that you can do in your own home.

Reflective Repatterning

Reflective Repatterning, Is a set of lightning quick effective treatments with different tools.If other treatments can treat an emotional problem in a minute expect Reflective Repatterning to treat in a fraction of the time. This will revolutionise therapy and healing.

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