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Expressing More of Your Divine Light.

Event Date: Thursday 2nd March 2017

Expressing More of Your Divine Light  FREE Webinar with Steve Nobel, Creator of Soul Matrix Healing and Spiritual Breakthrough Sessions   Since the 2012 alignment we have entered a powerful time of spiritual acceleration. Our planet is being restored to its rightful place a sacred planet. We are shifting from collective 3D fear/separation paradigm to 5D love/unity […]

The “Energy of Abundance” Sessions – Online

Event Date: 20th April 2017

In the “Energy of Abundance” sessions Art Giser will bring in ener­gies to help you clear blocks and energetic pro­gram­ming that is holding you back from enjoying the abun­dance you deserve.

Explore Quantum Touch – FREE Teleworkshop

Join Karina Grant for this FREE introduction to Quantum Touch, where you’ll discover why Quantum Touch is described as the the most useful skill to have both at home and as an existing energy work practitioner.

How to Make Any Therapy More Powerful

In this FREE 60 minute video workshop, Chris Milbank will show you how you can make any therapy that you are currently using much, much more powerful.

Two Energetic Processes to Enhance Your Life – FREE Tele-workshop

Whether you are new to Energy work, or an Energy practitioner, you will find these processes invaluable. They are key energetic tools that everyone should have in their energetic tool belt!