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Art Giser (the Creator of Energetic NLP) will be speaking at the winter Mind, Body, Spirit festival on the 11th of November.

The festival is an excellent eclectic mix of hand-picked quality teachers, speakers and artists - all leaders in their respective fields. Check out the Mind, Body Spirit website to find out all the details about the winter festival.

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Art Giser Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP,  has just returned to the United States after an amazing few weeks in the UK.

We were sad to see him go and are looking forward to welcoming him back in November. Here are some of the highlights of his time in the UK.

Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

Art spoke at the wonderful "Mind, Body Spirit" festival for the first time last month. It was a great workshop, and as you can see from photo, his session completely sold out. This was even more exciting as it was the only workshop of the day to sell out!

Thanks to all the team at Mind, Body Spirit for putting on such an amazing festival. It is an incredible amount of work and they did an amazing job! If you weren't able to make it this time, then don't miss out in November. You can find out more about Art Giser at Mind, Body Spirit and the festival in general at:

"Manifest The Life of Your Dreams' -  1 day workshop

This long-awaited workshop was a huge success. We had to turn people away, so sorry to anyone who missed out.  We will be looking for larger venues next time  as the word is really starting to get around about the amazing benefits people are getting from Energetic NLP.

It was a really amazing day with some wonderful feedback. Here is a sample of people's comments:

“I found last Saturday’s “Manifesting Your Dreams” event lead by Art Giser to be such an inspirational, transformative and enjoyable day and I am sure it’s going to have a long term positive impact on my life.  His style is relaxed and nurturing whilst at the same time being deeply profound, so my sincere thanks go to Art for all that I learned on Saturday.

I am really looking forward to attending ENLP Levels 1 & 2 in November.



My thanks too to the Solar Events team for their superb management of the event and for being such nice people!” - Pam Lawrence



“This was a skilled, focused and empathic training delivered from the heart by a truly professional NLP Trainer with a profound depth of experience and understanding that is applied with the surety that provides a safe environment, ensures participation, inspires confidence and most importantly delivers lasting and tangible results.” - John Fielder

Level 3 Energetic NLP Programme

The first ever Level 3 Energetic NLP programme took pleace in May, and it was a huge success. It was a real pleasure to spend time with so many amazing people. It was also wonderful how everyone knew each other so well having gone through the Level 1 and 2 workshops.

Here is some feedback from just a couple of the participants on the programmes:

Energetic NLP with Art Giser has the capacity to broaden your horizons beyond existing possibilities.  He has the gift of making ENLP accessible to everyone who takes part.  Empowering, thought provoking, energising and so much more.  I can thoroughly reccommend Art's courses to anyone interested in making the most of their lives. Gina Gardiner

Energetic NLP has been a good way for me to initiate true and lasting positive change in my life. I took Levels 1 and 2 consecutively because it was feasible for me to do so and, more importantly, once I became aware of how other energies have settled into my energy field, it became necessary for me to learn the tools Energetic NLP offered so that I could begin to live my life according to my inner wisdom, and not continue act on old patterns, stuck emotions and past programming.

I have really benefited from taking Level 3 and I trust that the positive effects will become evident in my life shortly, as I continue to practise all that I have learnt. It allowed me to see that our human potential to manifest, to transform our lives and to be supported in many ways may be infinite and also perhaps never truly understood. And that it's okay not to understand, as long as we are open to the possibility of the existence of all that we explored during the four days and are willing to expand our beliefs du jour (current beliefs).

I really appreciate Art Giser's method of teaching the courses. He makes it fun, approachable and we really do learn how to implement our spirituality and healing abilities in a very practical way in our lives.

Another unique facet of Art's Energetic NLP programmes is that we have teleseminars before and after each programme; they have been of invaluable support for me after the courses have ended.

I would recommend Energetic NLP to anyone who was looking for a proactive, practical way to implement healing, openness to the unknown and spirituality into their daily lives. It has transformed my entire understanding of myself, my life purpose and my life in a way I never knew to be possible.

And for that I am truly grateful to everyone on the programmes, Jemma and Duncan of Solar Events and to Art Giser. Energetic NLP is a programme whose simplicity, authenticity, insight and ingenuity is what makes it so profoundly meaningful to me.

Sukaina Juma, London, UK

To find out more about the Level 1, 2 and 3 Energetic NLP workshops please go to:


While in the UK Art did quite a few different interviews. One with Positive TV which will hopefully be available to view soon, and another one with the wonderful Nick Williams of Nick did a really fascinating interview with Art which we will share with you all soon. Thanks Nick!

Art Giser will be back in the UK in November to run his acclaimed Level 1 and Level 2 Programmes in Energetic NLP.

Please go to:


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We are really delighted that Art Giser has been asked to speak at the Mind, Body Spirit festival in London in May this year.

The Mind, Body Spirit festival is world-famous and attracts thousands of visitors from the UK and abroad.

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3 sellout events and a recording studio

Art2We have just finished an amazing week with Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP. It's been so amazing because of the incredible reactions we have seen from participants at all 3 events - most of them new to Art's work.

This is a brief overview of the weeks events.


On Tuesday we visited the well-respected Richmond NLP group where people who hadn't managed to buy a ticket before they sold out, were waiting by the door hoping to be allowed in.

The organiser of the group had seen Art speaking at the NLP conference and when she heard he would be in the UK in February, she re-arranged her speaker schedule (often booked 1 year in advance) to make it possible for Art to visit her group.

For lots of people who have studied NLP, Art provides a valuable "next step' by filling in some of the gaps that people often feel they have. Energetic NLP is a blend of transformative energy work with the very best of NLP, to create a much more powerful field which is creating so much interest with participants.


Wednesday was spent recording a new audio with a fresh approach to the slightly tired subject of goal setting. We all know that goal setting is a key habit of the successful and something that we should all be doing. But knowing that isn't enough to make most of us actually do it on a regular basis.

The audio will help people to identify their authentic goals (making sure that they aren't pursuing someone else's goals for them - families, friends, societies etc), and then help them to quickly and easily energise those goals everyday in just a couple of minutes to bring them in to reality. Very powerful processes made to fit easily into the busy lives we lead.


On Thursday evening we ran an "Introduction to Energetic NLP" in central London which was completely packed with 150 people and an amazing energy. Thanks to everyone who was there and made it such a special evening. We had wonderful feedback about Art from the participants at the programme and many of them will be taking the next steps and joining him for the Level 1 programme in March.


On Saturday we ran the "Charmed Life" workshop which again was sold out. We had so many people wanting to buy a ticket for Saturday that we increased the size of the room once and then had to turn people away.

This is all testament to the buzz and excitement which is being created by people who have attended Art's workshops and who are telling others about the amazing benefits they have experiences in their lives.

We were pleased to welcome at the workshop the organisers of the "Mind, Body Spirit" festival as well as "Rapport" Magazine and the founder of the "Stress Management Society".

Coming up

Despite his incredible talent and the incredible amount of praise he receives from participants,  Art Giser remains one of the most humble and likable people you could meet. Everyone is already looking forward to his return at the end of March.

To find out about Art's upcoming events please go to:


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