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Danica Apolline is a coach, healer and also a spiritual teacher who facilitates transformation and healing on a wide range of subjects. She is the author of The Spiritual Teacher's Handbook. In this podcast she answers: What does it mean to be a spiritual teacher? Is it different from conventional teaching? What are the skills, knowledge and qualities involved?


The Spiritual Teacher's Handbook is for all spiritual teachers, facilitators and leaders. It contains comprehensive and easy-to-use guidance on the role of a teacher, teaching skills such as presentation & communication, ethics, humility, ego & higher self, how we learn psychologically & energetically, the aura, colours, sound, meditations, grounding, protection, UK legislation, dealing with challenging situations, self-development and much more. This practical and interactive resource aims to empower teachers to inspire others as they develop spiritually and come to their own Truth. Drawing on a wide range of experiences, this book focuses on teaching with confidence, love, compassion & humour.

Danica is running a 1-day workshop June 18th and also an online training course in September for those interested in 'Becoming a Spiritual Teacher'. 

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Part of the game change involves healing an ancient collective fall from grace. This fall has been described metaphorically in the ‘Garden of Eden’ story where humanity was thrown out of paradise and entered a dense 3D control matrix.

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