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Some of the World's Most Renowned Teachers: Barefoot doctor, Art Giser, John Gray, Sonia Choquette , Anne Jirsch, Marie-Claire Carlyle, Birkan Torre, John Parkin, Nick Williams, Dianna Cooper, Stuart Pearce and many more.

Some of the World's Most Transformative Modalities: Energetic NLP, Thought Field Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Quantum Touch, Theta Healing, NLP, Future Life Progression, HeartMath, Spiritual Development, personal development, business support for therapists and practitioners.

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This Month's Featured Videos

Karina Grant explains Quantum Touch

Karina Grant explains how Quantum Touch can be used to help the body heal itself from all types of aches, pains and injuries caused by inflammation.

CLICK HERE to find out more about Karina Grant and Quantum Touch.

Chris Milbank talks about laws of opposites

In this fascinating video Chris Milbank talks about the law of opposites and how to achieve a state of neutrality.

CLICK HERE to find out more about Chris Milbank and Reflective Repatterning

Art Giser talks about different energy systems

Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP, talks about different models within energy work and whether they are useful.

CLICK HERE to find out more about Art Giser and Energetic NLP

Recent Blog Posts

April 2, 2017
Part of the game change involves healing an ancient collective fall from grace. This fall has been described metaphorically in the ‘Garden of Eden’ story where humanity was thrown out of paradise and entered a dense 3D control matrix.
March 15, 2017
Listen to this podcast with Alex Wenman on Angelic Healing. This interview includes a channelling by Alex and ends with a beautiful meditation to help you connect with the healing energies of your angels.

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About Solar Events, our Trainers and Workshops

Solar Events lives and breathes to support people who want to transform their own lives and/or people who want to train so they can transform the lives of others.

We believe that by doing this, we can be a catalyst for global change creating through our training and resources a ripple effect, which will be felt through society and the world.

Our community are our family, and we care at the deepest level about providing a quality experience, which is both meaningful and fun. We respect that participating in any event will involve you taking time out of your busy schedule, and we want to ensure that it’s worth it one hundred percent.

We only promote speakers and trainers who are at the very top of their field, so that you know when you come to one of our events you will be involved in a learning experience with the power to change your life.

We are proud to work with and offer:

  • Energetic NLP with Art Giser
  • Reflective Repatterning with Chris Milbank
  • PhotoReading with Marilyn Devonish
  • Quantum Touch with Karina Grant
  • Future Life Progression with Anne Jirsch

“Solar Events put on amazing events. The warmth and energy they bring to the process of organizing them and getting the right people here is just awesome! Jane Hafren, Manchester
“Quality speakers – well run events. Always worth the investment in time and money” Margery Mckelvie
“Solar Events totally “walk their talk” by arranging powerful, life enhancing events with world class leaders in personal growth and development.” John fielder, Ascot
“Very good organization, fast and prompt responses to all queries, no question goes unanswered, very approachable and warm and friendly. Comfortable venue, good refreshments. Good energy”Rona Magnay, London